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Flameware Pottery, Stoneware Pottery and Tile Murals

Marrowstone Pottery
292 Merry Road
Nordland (Marrowstone Island), Washington 98358
Telephone: (360) 379-5169
Web site: www.marrowstonepottery.com
E-mail: [email protected]
YouTube: www.youtube.com/marrowstonepots


“Marrowstone Pottery” now specializes in high fire reduction Flameware Pottery under the trade name “Furnoware”™. This pottery has the ability to withstand the temperature extremes of the home stove top range and oven without the fear of damage to the pottery or loss of a prepared meal and without the need for special handling requirements. The formulas and process for our “Furnoware”™ pottery were developed exclusively at Marrowstone Pottery and come with a Guarantee not to break under normal cooking temperatures. A YouTube video showing the thermal shock resistance quality of our Flameware Pottery will be shown to interested guests along with an article entitled, “A Discussion of Flameware” written by the Artist and published in the May 2011 issue of Ceramics Technical Journal. Marrowstone Pottery also produces traditional functional stoneware pottery and tile murals. The tour of our Pottery will include our Studio, Kiln Shelter and Gallery of Art.”

Directions to studio:

From the 4-way stop in Port Hadlock, go east .9 miles on Oak Bay Road and turn left onto Flagler Road (follow the sign to Indian Island), WA 116. Continue on Flagler Road (WA 116) for 2.8 miles to Marrowstone Island. Once at the “Welcome to Marrowstone Island” sign, proceed straight ahead (do not follow the road to the left) and turn right onto Robbins Road. Follow Robbins Road for .9 miles and turn left onto East Marrowstone Road. Go north .4 miles on East Marrowstone Road, past Moen Road, and turn right onto Merry Road, which is a private gravel road. Continue on Merry Road for .3 miles to Marrowstone Pottery, which will be the first open lot on your right. Park as far forward as possible in our driveway. Do not park on Merry Road, since it is a narrow road.

Artist statement:

“Throughout my architectural career I have had a strong academic interest in classical architecture and ceramic art, and have traveled extensively throughout Greece, Italy and the Middle East in order to study and experience for myself the beautiful art and architecture created by these ancient cultures. My artistic inspiration comes, in part, from these ancient sources along with influences drawn from my experiences in the American Southwest and Pacific Northwest.
My approach to creating high fire, reduction pottery is from a functional perspective. What I hope to achieve is a functional vessel that incorporates classical elements of form along with fluid lines of motion, sculptural elements or decorations and a balance of color and texture.”

Studio open by appointment during the remainder of the year

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