13 – Marjorie Illman

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Mailing: 2800 E. Marrowstone Road
Nordland, Washington 98358
Studio: Little Island Gallery
Telephone: (360) 385-4854


I plan to demonstrate scratch board drawing and visitors can see my other gallery works.

Directions to studio:

When you come onto Marrowstone Island turn right and drive around the south side of the island, to East Marrowstone Road. Turn left. I am near the north end of that road.

Artist statement:

“My art work has been in many media over a period of 68 years since I graduated from the University of Washington as an Art major. I have done commercial art, illustrated two children’s books, done scientific illustrations, posters and calligraphy for various organizations and painted for my own pleasure and to sell. I have been in many gallery shows in the Port Townsend area and in California. I work in whatever medium seems suitable to the subject – no favorites- I like them all equally, watercolor, acrylic, oils (formerly), pastels, scratchboard, sumi-e, pen and ink and colored pencils. In 1995 I established my own “Little Island Gallery” on Marrowstone Island.”

Studio open during the remainder of the year

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