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Photography and poetry

134 Windridge Road, Chimacum, Washington 98368
Telephone: (360) 732-4487
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: See my album of work on Facebook- search for Tony J. Porto

Directions to studio:

Southbound out of Port Townsend to Hwy 19. Follow 19 to just before Chimacum School; take West Valley Road to the right. Follow West Valley Road 2.9 miles to Windridge Road; turn right on Windridge. The property is at 134 Windridge, on the right. Follow signs for parking


The studio is located on five acres, surrounded by hand-crafted buildings/furniture and garden spaces. The atmosphere compliments thirty years of photography and poetry displayed both individually and in combination. The displays will be shown throughout the studio and the landscaped property. The artist will be on site all day to answer any questions.

Artist statement:

I began writing poetry as a combat solider in Vietnam and a few years later combined the poems with my photographs. Through the ‘80’s and ‘90’s I traveled the east coast to art and craft shows selling my poetry/photo wood plaques and wood furniture. I published “Poems from the Mountain” and “More Poems from the Mountains” in 1980 and 1990, respectively. My poetry has been published in the “Cold Mountain Review”, “Treasured Poems of America” and Shreve Memorial Library, “Poems of the Day”. I recently published “Poetry Visions, a collection of poems from a determined soul”, which will be available for sale. I think of my poems as “Street Poetry”, simple, close to the soul, and reflective of the spirituality and rocky rolls of this life.

Studio open by appointment for the remainder of the year.

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