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Metal assemblage sculptures

Tin Shop
621 “S” Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368
Telephone: (360) 643-1096
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.loranscruggs.etsy.com


I will be demonstrating how to make a whistle using tin cans and bottle caps. I will also have a two-dimensional piece laid out and in process showing attachment of tin to wood using nails, glue and other cold connections. A step by step written DIY of how to make a bi plane ornament using a soup can will also be handed out.

Directions to studio:

From the Northwind Arts Center at 2409 Jefferson Street (on Sims Way), turn right on Sims Way, and then turn left on Washington Street. Go up the hill, and turn left on Walker Street. Walker will turn into Cherry Street (headed towards Fort Worden). Follow up hill, turning right on “S” Street (you can only turn east) and go 3 blocks to the end of the street. Studio is at the end of the street.

Artist statement:

I think I can guess your first question…Yes I do cut myself, usually minor nicks, pokes and cuts, a small band-aid generally remedies this.
I’m always on the look out for bottle-caps and tin cans and I have a large collection of both. Bottle caps come from shops in town, eBay or trading with collectors. Decorative tins are from second hand stores and food tins are purchased from shops in the international district of large city’s. Friends and acquaintances also collect and give me tins and bottle caps.
I’ve been making works out of tin cans since 1991, the first piece was a 3D dragon head. I primarily worked in 3D, creating patterns on paper and then transferring them to tin. Cutting, folding, rivets and slot and tab construction are methods I used to create 3D tin pieces. Bottle caps became a large part of my work in 2002 when I started making whistles. The plaques started shortly after that, the plaques are 2D flat pieces created by cutting and nailing tin to wood.
My art work is about joy, play and reuse. Printed tin and bottle caps are joyous to me, with their color and glint. Labels and advertising iconography are often brightly colored with simple words and images very much like children’s educational toys. My work references childhood, for that was a time of the most play. Play is a time of being in the moment, no past or future worries, a time of joy. I’m attracted to reuse because it requires creative thinking (play) to re-purpose it anew. I also reuse images for the challenge of recreating them in another medium.

Studio open during the remainder of the year

Photo of Loran is courtesy Gale Zuckerman from the book “Craft Activism”

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