30 – Todd Stephens

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321 Chimacum Road, Port Hadlock, WA 98339
Studio telephone: (360) 385-5045
Web address: www.millbrookclayworks.com
Business e-mail: [email protected]


Making ceramic art. Handbuilding, throwing, and surface decoration is demonstrated in a fun-filled way, with a hands-on element for those who want to get a bit messy! Explanation of the firing process is also part of the studio tour experience for visitors.

Directions to studio:

321 Chimacum-Hadlock Road.   One mile north of intersection of Rhody Drive.   One-quarter mile south of intersection of Hwy. 116 at Port Hadlock.   Located on east side of road between the United Methodist Church and Mountain Propane.

Artist statement

My interest in ceramics began while working in Mexico. The incredible colors and variety of designs I saw there captivated my imagination. This experience motivated me to learn how to shape clay and led me to an apprenticeship with two master potters.

Now, almost twenty years later, I am still intrigued by the shapes that can be formed with clay by moving my hands. Looking at a finished piece; whether it is a bowl, cup, or vase I want the outside contour to please the eye.

On the surfaces of these forms I create designs that represent nature (mountains, leaves, salmon, etc). This imagery reflects my enjoyment of the natural world.

Studio will be open by appointment for the remainder of the year.

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