33 – Nancy & Doug van Allen

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Paintings and leather work

Paper Scissors Rock Studio
1223 Garfield Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368
Telephone: (360) 302-5022
e-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.paper-scissors-rock.bizDemonstration:

View me demonstrating crossover art – is it a painting or sculpture? You decide. Visitors can view my collection of artifacts (junk) that I might choose to include in my art.


Paper, Scissors, Rock Studio is 1223 Garfield Street, located in the heart of Uptown. From Lawrence Street, turn left onto Harrison (the fire station is on the corner.) Turn right on Garfield and park on the street or in the field next to the “Deer Fortress” Garden.

Artist statement:

Art separates us from other creatures in which we share the planet, so for me art is everywhere in my life. In my paintings, you might find surprising artifacts or you might find a frame that is also part of the work of art. Figures and portraits are one of my specialties, but I also enjoy landscape and still life painting. I like to approach realism with a surreal twist. Let me take you on a special and surprising journey at Paper, Scissors, Rock Studio. Also, this year we will be featuring accessories and leather work by Doug Van Allen.

Studio open by appointment for the remainder of the year.

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