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Fused glass

Crackerdog Design
625 “S” Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368
Telephone: (360) 379-3362
e-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.crackerdog.com


Visitors will see how I recycle old windows to prepare them for fusing and how the glass is cut to shape. They will also see how different types of molds are prepared, how color is added and how the glass is positioned in the kiln and heated to manipulate it to create the various forms, such as vases, plates, bowls and garden art.


My studio is located 4 blocks from Fort Worden between Cherry and Fir Streets. If you are headed toward Fort Worden on Cherry, turn on ‘S’ Street (you can only turn east) and go 3 blocks to the end of the street. I am the colorful house on the dead end. If you are walking or bicycling, you may take the non-motorized trail at Fir and ‘S’ Streets for 1/2 block.

Artist Statement:

I have chosen to focus on using recycled windows as my source for my fused glass work. Because window glass was never intended for this purpose, the limitations pose an interesting challenge of adding color, style and life to such a simple, industrial material. Though it has limitations, it also has the benefit of being ubiquitous. Its availability allows freedom to experiment with large projects such as my garden art. I am fascinated by the honey-like flow of warm glass and pleased to have found a recyclable material that allows such expression. Not an artist by training, I just have to make things.

Studio open during remainder of the year.

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