7 – David Eisenhour

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220 Curtiss Street, Port Hadlock, WA 98339
Telephone: 360.643.1312
e-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.eisenhoursculpture.com


In the studio of Eisenhour Sculpture tour participants will see works of art in various stages of the lost wax casting process, some fabricated pieces, and a complete metal working shop. Sculptor David Eisenhour will explain the various techniques he uses and will also be working on some works in progress.


If you are coming from Port Townsend going south on Irondale Road, take a left on Matheson (same street Port Hadlock Port Office is on), proceed two blocks, take a left on Curtiss. We are at 220 Curtiss, the second house on the right. Look for signs from Irondale Road.

Artist Statement:

My work is inspired by my respect for the environment and its hold on our psyche. Using a microscope or magnifying lens I find evocative primordial forms that serve as subject matter for my sculptures. I use a balance of representation and interpretation to accentuate any symbolism I find in these forms. I hope to achieve a connection between artifice viewer and the natural world.

Studio is open by appointment the remainder of the year

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