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Telephone: (207) 522-6919
e-mail :[email protected]
Web: www.jeanniefine.com

11968 Airport Cutoff Rd. Port Townsend, Washington 98368


There will be available to visitors a selection of pastels and a sanded painting surface to make marks on with the pastels. Since I make my own sanded surfaces I will also have the materials there for visitors to see. I plan on having a pastel painting in progress on my easel as well as framed finished paintings.

Directions to studio:

From Port Townsend, go south on Highway #19 (called Airport Cutoff Road). Past the airport and Kala Point drive ¼ mile. Make a left turn into my drive, fifty yards before Four Corners Road on the right. (Four miles south of Port Townsend city limits.)

Artist statement:

As long as I can remember I have watched the world around me with the eyes of a painter. Becoming a visual artist was probably the logical direction for my life. That direction has not always been an easy one but it has always been where I eventually end up after several detours along the way. As I grow as an artist I reflect on the beginning of the journey when I didn’t see as well as I do now. At every turn there is something that makes me want to stop and paint.
My work is both my journey and my adventure. The landscape that surrounds me every day is what I choose to paint. I won’t say there is beauty in everything I paint but never the less there is something there that touches and inspires my imagination. The more I practice the better I will become and perhaps some day I might be pretty good at the art thing.
Being an artist is a way of life for me, a road I travel every day.

Studio open by appointment for the remainder of the year.

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