18 – Sara Mall Johani & Tom Jay

Bronze sculpture

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ACER: Mortality, Mother of Beauty (Maiden, Mother and Crone). Bronze sculpture by Sara Mall Johani. 1999-2011. http://www.thelateralline.com/saramalljohani
ACER: Mortality, Mot...
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The Lateral Line Bronze Casting Studio
2052 Van Trojen Road, Chimacum, WA 98325
Telephone: (360) 732-4238


Bronze casting pour on Sunday.
Saturday: While the kiln is burning out the molds to be cast into bronze, there will be displays of sculpture and jewelry and tours of the facility with explanations of the bronze casting process. The new Lateral Line Gallery & Gifts showroom displaying the Jay / Johani sculptures and jewelry for sale will be open both days.
Sunday: : Studio Tour participants will witness a lost cast bronze casting process. There will be a bronze pour at 12 p.m. (noon). During the time leading up to the pour, people can see the preparations (opening of the kiln, digging the pit and the ramming up and the securing of molds in the pouring pit.) A small sculpture will be “broken out” after the pour to show the cast bronze contents of the mold. Artist’s work will be on display around the studio and the artists will be available for questions. The studio tour will end promptly at 4 p.m.

Directions to studio:

From the main highway turn west on West Valley Road, at the amber flashing light. Follow W. Valley Rd. about 1 mile. Turn right onto Van Trojen Rd. Follow Van Trojen up the hill and around all the curves to 2052 Van Trojen Rd. Park on the right side of the road only.

Artist statement:

Tom Jay and Sara Mall Johani are artists with a combined experience of 7 decades plus. THE LATERAL LINE BRONZE CASTING STUDIO is a sculpting/teaching facility. Tom and Sara have over 30 public sculptures in the region as well as in numerous private collections. They teach a complete sculpture/bronze casting course –SCULPTURE REVEALED – to both beginners and professional artists. The four month session takes the participant through modeling, molding, waxes, casting and patination. The students end up with their own sculpture in bronze and the skills to do it again. As “alumni” of Sculpture Revealed, there are opportunities to cast at The Lateral Line Studio. For ten years they have taught Sculpture Revealed during the winter and this year (2012) will teach in the summer months of June, July, August, and September. The bronze pour for the SR class will take place during the APT tour. A subsequent class will take place in November 2012.
Studio open during the remainder of the year.

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