21 – Walter Massey

Copper sculpture

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Massey Copper
120 Fredericks Street
Port Townsend, Washington
(360) 344-3611


Tour participants will be greeted by a studio representative and will find the artists and/or apprentices working on current projects. Walter Massey will be giving periodic demonstrations of basic Massey coppersmithing techniques. Photographs of the artists’ work will be available for the enjoyment of tour participants. Refreshments will be served.


Massey Copper is located in the Glen Cove Industrial Park, just off Highway 20, and approximately one half mile from the Port Townsend city limits. Turn east from Highway 20 onto Fredericks Street. Drive one block and cross the Otto Street intersection. We are the corner property, first driveway on the right, just past Otto Street. Parking is available inside our fenced front yard and along the street.

Artist Statement:

“I’ve always been drawn to copper for its flexibility. In creating fabricated sculpture, it provides a perfect match to my training as a metalsmith. Copper is strong, but amiable, bringing latitude to the fabricator for producing two and three-dimensional pieces. I enjoy crating organic forms in copper: tree and branch, birds, sea kelp and my red copper salmon. Working in copper personally challenges and always rewards me as I look for ways to express new design ideas.
Studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.

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