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78 Terrace Drive Port Townsend,
Washington 98368
(360) 385-0908


Stephanie will show works in progress and answer questions. Her works include sculpture, ceramic pieces, fine jewelry, paintings, drawings, and collages.


Highway 19 to Prospect, left on Kala Point Drive and enter the gate to Kala point. Stephanie’s studio is in the house directly behind the mailboxes on your right. Drive to Sail view, turn right, then follow terrace drive to the second right. Turn right and park anywhere convenient in the cul-de-sac in front of 78 Terrace Drive.

Artist Statement:

It is as important for me to create as it is to breathe. My first love was clay and the way it slides through your hands on the wheel. The magic when it springs to life is wonderful for me. Over time I learned that much of the creative process was in the various firing techniques available. A considerable body of my work is artistic Raku, fired with a variety of techniques.

While I love clay, I felt constrained by its physical properties. I now work in many different media’s, depending on my mood. They include welded metal sculpture, bronze casting, fine jewelry, and two-dimensional art. The 2D includes watercolor, acrylics, oils, pastels, and collages.

Studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.

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