3 – Melinda Bryden

Steel and Mosaic sculpture

Bryden - BrydenM_Bugs%2521.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Bug...
Bryden - BrydenM_Alice%2Bin%2BWonderland%2BTotem.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Ali...
Bryden - BrydenM_Madam%2BButterfly%2BBench.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Mad...
Bryden - BrydenM_Red%2BFrog.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Red...
Bryden - BrydenM_Dragonfly.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Dra...
Bryden - BrydenM_Spawning.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Spa...
Bryden - BrydenM_Tree%2BFrog.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Tre...
Bryden - BrydenM_Blue%2BMonarch%2BButterfly%2BBench.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Blu...
Bryden - BrydenM_Bell.JPG
Bryden - BrydenM_Bel...


1221 Woodland Drive
Port Townsend, Washington 98368
(206) 356-4568


Tour participants will see the use of mosaics to create unique and fun sculpture. Each glass or tile piece will be individually cut to determine the character of the overall design. The sculpture may be cement, which participants may see mixed and pour, or the sculpture may be steel based, whereby the process will involve a welding process.


Take Highway 20 out of Port Townsend. Turn left onto Woodland Drive (which is directly opposite the Jefferson International Airport entrance) and follow around to 1221 Woodland.

Artist Statement:

Melinda Bryden is a retired accountant who is finally able to use her creativity to create items of whimsy. She gets her ideas for creations from nature, fairy tales…anything non-serious.  She believes that color is vitality and uses bright, vibrant colors of glass and metal patinas.

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