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Wooden bowls

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Studio (For Tour Only):

321 Chimacum Road,
Port Hadlock, WA 98339


Visitors will see the bowls and boxes that I make out of wood that I find near my home along the Hood Canal.  They will see a good sampling of the species that grow around here, and they will be able to compare the weathered exteriors of wooden vessels with the polished interiors. I will explain my process of selecting the various woods and of designing the various vessels based on the original shape.


321 Chimacum-Hadlock Road. One mile north of intersection of Rhody Drive. One-quarter mile south of intersection of Hwy. 116 at Port Hadlock is located on east side of road between the United Methodist Church and Mountain Propane.

Artist Statement:

Wood is beautiful the way it weathers so you see the lines, the seasons of the tree’s life, and the way the sunlight and lichens, respectively, silver and color the surface.   Then there’s the inside, polished so you can see the rich tones and feel the warm smoothness.  This old wood has a history—most of the time I have no idea how old the piece is, how long it’s been drifting along the shores.  When I find just the right shape, ready with minimal alteration to become a bowl or box, in someone’s home, that’s satisfying.

Studio at 6263 Thorndyke Road, Quilcene, WA 98376 will be open by appointment for the remainder of the year.

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