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Studio (for 2012 Tour only)

321 Chimacum Road
Port Hadlock, WA 98339


I will demonstrate how to construct and hand-build a “magic bean”!


321 Chimacum-Hadlock Road. One mile north of intersection of Rhody Drive. One-quarter mile south of intersection of Hwy. 116 at Port Hadlock is located on east side of road between the United Methodist Church and Mountain Propane.

Artist Statement:

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I make pottery and the only answer I have to this question is that I have a real need to create. If I weren’t a potter I would probably be a chef or an architect. Some kind of work that involves piecing multiple ingredients together and that requires a balance of art and science. I love ceramics because it involves taking simple, earthy, natural materials like clay, silica, and feldspar and combining these ingredients into a product more interesting than its parts. It reminds me of bringing together a talented group of people who, when brought together, create an entity that is so much more magnificent than any individual could be on their own. Each piece I hand throw on the potters wheel out of porcelain clay. I fire them once before decorating with food safe glazes and underglazes. They’re then fired again to 2200F to make them durable enough for everyday use. I hope you have as much fun using these as I have making them.

Egg & I Pottery at 1461 Egg & I Road will be open by appointment for the remainder of the year.

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