8 – Sakura Davis

Sakura’s batik studio will not be open because of illness.

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Sakura’s Batik Studio
627 Redwood Street
Port Townsend, Washington 98368
(360) 385-6897


“Displays of framed and unframed batik work on fabric. How it is done. Hands on batik by those who wish to try, and demo.”


The Envirohouse, 627 Redwood Street, at the corner of Redwood Street and F Street, overlooking the golf course.

Artist Statement:

“The creative art of Batik, a process of hot wax resisting dye on fabric has traditionally been used to make decorative, wearable cloth and wall hangings. My approach goes beyond patterning to make an expressive art image using the unique marks of many tools and Japanese calligraphy brushes in addition to the traditional “tjanting needles.” Since my first Batik studies in 1977 in Japan I have drawn my inspiration from nature, and now from the plants and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. My images are abstractive and simplified in design, thus very compatible with both vat dye and brush on methods. Now I teach a few students and exhibit my work through galleries, most recently at Northwind Gallery. Art works in Batik will be on display, along with some demonstration of Batik process. ”

The studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.

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