Diane Gale

2 – Diane Gale


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Reddirt Pottery
1476 West U Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368


I will be demonstrating forming pottery on a wheel and have photographs to explain wood firing.


North on San Juan Avenue (towards North Beach). Studio is just past the Blue Heron School on the right at the corner of San Juan and U Street.

Artist Statement:

I want my art to create joy for the people who see my pieces. I hope people pick them up to explore the shape, design, texture and colors. My pottery is inspired by nature – simple organic shapes. Irregular and altered pieces reflect our own imperfections. For me, a piece begins with function. For pieces such as bowls, teapots and cups, I pay high attention to details, bringing together design elements such as wall thickness, rim and spout shape, handle placement (balance) and surface glaze. This is because when someone reaches for their favorite piece of pottery, it is because all of those elements have come together. Firing imprints and extends nature’s effects. The wood kilns are the most variable, because the outcome of the surface effect depends on so many variables such as where the piece was within the kiln, type of wood used for fuel, number of days fired, and the wood kiln itself. I love that the wood ash is the glaze and the way the flame pattern often imprints the pot.

The exterior of each piece is a canvas – if you could flatten it out and look at the design, it would tell the story of how it was made and fired. I hope this story resonates with the person holding the piece and they see their own story within it.

Studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.