Greg Kossow

13 – Greg Kossow

Woodenware and Utensils, Windsor Chairs and Benches, Wooden Lighting Fixtures

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Vardo Woodenware
929 22nd Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368


I will be demonstrating the tools and techniques I use to carve a wooden spoon. Along with that I will briefly show the process of creating a Windsor chair out of a rough log. Last but not least I will show the carving techniques I use to create my table lamps.


From QFC go down Sheridan and take a right at 22nd street. Continue down 22nd for three blocks until you come to the studio tour sign. The alley to my shop is on the right, continue down the alley as there is parking back at the studio.

From Discovery head up 22nd street along the cemetery . The studio
will be two blocks up on the left.

Artist Statement:

My passion is working with wood and I try to create items for everyday life that are as beautiful as they are functional. I particularly like to work with wood that is still fresh from the tree it came from. These days I try to work mainly with hand tools.

Studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.