Mena Quilici

25 – Mena Quilici

Acrylic Painting

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52 Buckhorn Place
Port Townsend, WA 98368


I mostly work in fluid Acrylic paints, using many layers to build up a painting, refining and correcting as I work. I will have many in process pieces to demonstrate the steps to completing a painting. I will show how I work outside, painting from nature, beginning with an original thumbnail value sketch, choosing my orientation and pallet and working with my plein aire gear. I will also have a studio set-up and show how I work with photos or models.


From Port Townsend, drive south on Highway 20, to Highway 19. Just past the airport turn Left onto Prospect. Go 1 mile to the stop sign and turn Left onto Kala Point Drive. Come through the Kala Point gate, if open, or use the call box at the gate to dial the house so I can remotely open the gate for you (Look up my name on the box – Quilici or dial code #905). After the gate take the 2nd Left onto Foxfield Drive (it’s a loop, first left also Foxfield), then 1st Right onto Buckhorn Place.

Artist Statement:

As an artist, I work hard to not just reproduce an object, person or scene, but to capture something deeper, something beyond the surface, and delve into the hidden heart of my subject. I am inspired by objects, stories and ideas that provide me with this deeper insight, with new ways of seeing, thinking and feeling. Whether it is the beauty of the snow topped mountains and deep waters of the of the Puget Sound or the light reflected in the eyes of my model, I aspire to create art that reflects these richer, psychological insights. And if I can add humor and whimsy to the mix, I am grateful, for a spoon full of sugar really does make the medicine, or message, go down!

Studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.