Mike Biskup

9 – Mike Biskup

Watercolor and India Ink Paintings

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Mike Biskup
509 Walker Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368


I’ll be working on several paintings and sharing about my approach, techniques, and ideas.


Proceed to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Uptown Port Townsend. House is located Kitty Corner from The Courthouse on the corner of Walker and Franklin. Entrance is through a laurel hedge on Walker St. Park on Franklin or Walker.

Artist Statement:

The focus of my work is to encourage people to take a moment out of their busy lives to see things in a new way. In my paintings, subjects and objects flow together seamlessly. Buildings, people, rivers, roads, machines and plants are interconnected and subtly remind viewers that we all share this planet and are interconnected as well. While my work is decidedly ‘upbeat’, I include tension, explosive energy, and chaos as well as harmony, stability and repetition. These opposing forces serve to energize the landscapes and hopefully viewers as well.

I primarily use India ink and watercolor paints on paper.

Studio is open by appointment during the remainder of the year.