Richard Jesse Watson

16 – Richard Jesse Watson


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Watson Studio
2305 Ivy Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368


Various stages of paintings, sculptures, sketches, storyboards and studies will be accessible in the studio. Watson will discuss and demonstrate his process.


From downtown Port Townsend at Water St turn onto Quincy St (away from waterfront), continue right as road becomes Tyler St, continue thru stop sign. Take left fork onto F St, continue thru two stop signs (at San Juan, F St becomes Discovery Rd). Continue up hill on Discovery Rd, turn right onto Hastings Ave, continue 1+ mile to Ivy St-turn left onto Ivy St, 6th house on right. Please park on right side of street only, or driveway.

Artist Statement:

It occurs to me that a wounded poet bleeds poetry. But a wounded artist bleeds cadmium red dark, I mean, really , we find basically colored dirt and mix it with egg yolk, pine sap, latex, or some other goop to make paint, then try to capture essence.

We attempt to accomplish this with primitive tools like charcoal, graphite or sticks with boar hair clamped on the end, or better yet, sable hair. And sure, maybe the latest iPad, which in three years will also have become primitive.

In other words we are rooted in clay but our minds and spirits are orbiting way out on the fringes. To interpret reality artists struggle to get inside and outside reality. Artists are visionaries and often seemingly “out-to-lunch” because we are constantly de-coding visual stimuli. But I do love being in this zone where I am coaxing dreams into reality or caressing reality back into a dream.

Studio will not be open after the Studio Tour.