ARCHIVE OF: 2016 Annual Juried Art Show

Expressions Northwest

2016 Calendar of Events

July 31 – August 1    Delivery of Artwork

August 4    11:30 am – Exhibition Opens

August 5    5:30-8 pm – Awards Ceremony and Reception

August 6    1 pm – Patricia Watkinson Lecture

August 6    5:30-8 pm – Art Walk

August 9    7 pm – Ekphrastic Write-In

August 25    7 pm – Poets Reaction to the Juried Show

August 28    5:30 pm – Exhibition Closes

August 28    5:30-6 pm – Pick Up Artwork

August 29    Noon-3 pm – Pick Up Artwork


Patricia Watkinson is an art and museum consultant, based in Seattle, Washington. Most recently she was interim director of the Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner. Previously she served as executive director of Pilchuck Glass School, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana, and the Museum of Art, Washington State University, Pullman, where she began as curator.

She has curated numerous art exhibitions on all forms of the arts and crafts and has written about contemporary art, chiefly of the Pacific Northwest. Recent writings have been about artists such as Gail Grinnell, Keiko Hara, Linda Okazaki, Michael Schultheis, Patrick Siler, and Mary Van Cline.

Award Winners

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Juror’s Choice
by Julie Devine

Merit Award
A Maiden’s Tea Service
by Kathey Ervin

Merit Award
Verulam III
by Donna Leavitt

Merit Award
My Collection – Gulliver
by Naoko Morisawa

Merit Award
Improvisation in Red and White with Donut
by Harold Nelson

Special Award
by Michael Felber

Special Award
by David Harrison

Special Award
by Michael McKee

Special Award
Port Townsend Bay
by Elizabeth Reutlinger

Special Award
How Water Works
by Kathleen Secrest

Special Award
Royal Couple and Attendants
by William Walcott

Special Award
Fresh Local Seafood (Old Guemes Firetruck on US 101)
by Suze Woolf

Art in the Show

Preview all of the art in the show – visit the OnlineJuriedShows website:   View Thumbnail Images

Artists in the Show

Phil Baumgaertner

John Benjes

Robert Berg

Neil Berkowitz

Mike Biskup

Ned Block

Jan Branham

David Brooks

Denise Champion

Thomas Clevenger

Stephen Cunliffe

Paul Daneker

Savvy Dani

David Deardorff

Julie Devine

Kathey Ervin

Kevin Farrell

Michael Felber

Kathy Finholm

Shannan Folino

Linda Sterling Gray

Tracy Grisman

Elizabeth Halfacre

Carolyn Harper

William Harris

David Harrison

Obadinah Heavner

Colleen Hoffenbacker

Newel Hunter

Ron Jones

Maryann Kirkby

Donna Leavitt

Kathryn Lesh

Pam Little

Katherine Loveland

Sherry Malotte

Tara McDermott

Katherine McDowell

Jim McFarland

Michael McKee

Mark McKnight

Susan Miller

Deborah J Milton

Naoko Morisawa

Marian Morris

Harold Nelson

Steve Parmelee

Shelley Peterson

Paul Polson

Kadi Rae

Yasmine Rafii

Elizabeth Reutlinger

Sandra Rouverol

Kathleen Secrest

Kim Simonelli

Stephen Snook

Karen Rozbicki Stringer

David Tinsley

Laraine Wade-Butter

William Walcott

Diane Walker

Patricia Weedman

Suze Woolf

Stephen Yates

Irene Yesley

Yael Zahavy-Mittelman